10 most anticipated games of 2018

10 most anticipated games of 2018


Just in case, specify that this article lists the only games which more or less accurately know that they will be released in 2018. Either this was stated by the developers themselves, or a source close to him.

10. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Ace Combat, except for a few not particularly successful parts, always pleasing to the fans simple “aircraft”. The right balance of simulation and arcade elements makes the game special: a fascinating, interesting and exciting. From the seventh part, we do not expect anything else except that I hope in the new graphics the game will allow even more to take in the sights and battlefields in modern fighter jets.

Ace Combat 7: Skies is developed by Unknown for the Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and PS VR owners will have the opportunity to receive special missions in VR (i.e., not the entire game, namely the individual missions). In terms of plot, we will see the developments of the previous section, Ace Combat 6.

9. A Way Out

Admittedly, this game was included in the selection of the most anticipated only because of its interesting concept, which, however, can result in complete failure. Of course, games about joint escape from the prison we have already seen (e.g., two-dimensional Escape Plan), but here it is proposed to play two people locally in split-screen or over the network. Single mode will not be at all, each character gets their own story.

So, let’s see how the third-person action game about two prisoners trying together to escape from the authorities, will be interesting. Looking forward to the game on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

8. Monster Hunter: World

It happened! Monster Hunter in a new, modern graphics (but old concept) comes out in January of this year for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We are already acquainted with the game, for example the demo version for the PS4, and overall satisfaction. Yes, it is still the favorite of many a fantasy Thriller about the hunt for a huge strange monsters. Update — it is hunting and not just battles in a limited area in the spirit of Dark Souls!

There will have to lure monsters out of their lairs and trap, carefully choose tactics and weapons, and generally capture every monster — it’s not fast, what kind of wizard you were. Still, the game should return all the features of the previous parts: gathering and crafting, and cooking food in the wild. Well, the multiplayer is where the same without her.

7. Metro Exodus

In the game series, “Metro”, based on the books by Dmitry Glukhovsky, is to play at least because of close spaces, carefully reworked in a post-apocalyptic style of Ukrainian developers, some of whom worked more on the legendary S. T. A. L. K. E. R.

The new game, Metro Exodus, as the previous part of the series, will be a first person shooter with elements of horror and stealth. The basis for the story is the book “Metro 2035” of the same Glukhovsky, released in 2015. By the time of release (the exact date is unknown, but the publisher expects 2018) just can manage to read a book about the adventures of the same Artyom, the protagonist of all games in the series and the first book, “Metro 2033”.

6. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

The second part of the popular role-playing game from the Studio Level-5 (characterized by a very original approach to the traditional jRPG template) will be released in March 2018 for Windows PC and PlayStation 4. The first game was famous for in the first place, its plot and hand-drawn graphics, and drew her famous Studio Ghibli (“spirited away” “Princess Mononoke” “My neighbor Tottoro”).

The second part will be already fully rendered in 3D, albeit with cartoon-like look — much like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which is Ni no Kuni II, generally speaking, superficially very similar (we don’t know if Ghibli were involved in creating the visual style this time or not). But I hope the game itself will be far more effective than a frankly bad sequel to Xenoblade.

In Ni no Kuni II change the combat system instead of turn based system, like a series of Pokemon we will battle in real time with the use of different skills. In the gameplay video of the game, we even saw the use in combat of the characters, like the Pikmin from the Pikmin games (you can even joke and say that Level-5 has replaced Pokemon in Pikmin).

5. System Shock

This adventure first-person shooter, in fact, marked the beginning of the sub-genre “immersive sim” (simulator immersion), has become a truly iconic. We mean the original 1994 game. Hard to find a lover of video games that never played or at least never heard. And in 2018 is expected a remake of the game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and consoles: Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Oh, if only the developers hadn’t ruined it!

Recall that in the original game’s hacker protagonist resisted artificial intelligence SHODAN on the space station Citadel. The nearest modern “relative” of the game — Prey 2017.

Key features of games in the sub-genre “immersive sim” is an independent study of the world, a retelling of the story through the objects, the recording of other characters (often absent in the game itself) and logs, a high degree of interaction with different objects, non-linear approach to fighting and completing quests.

4. Sea Of Thieves

It is strange that during the unprecedented popularity of online games, only now someone finally came up with a cooperative game about pirates. Sea Of Thieves will allow friends to sail on the ships, find treasures, fight enemies and generally have fun. Anyway, judging by the screenshots and gameplay videos, gloom and seriousness the game is clearly to annoy will not.

Sea Of Thieves will be released in March for Xbox One and Windows PC, and the game will be available on the program Xbox Play Anywhere (i.e., once purchased and played even on a console, at least on the PC)

3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

“Simulation of the middle ages” — perhaps these two words best describe the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Agree, sounds much more interesting than “action RPG in an open world”. In any case, the creators of the game promise that there will not only have to eat and sleep, not to die, and that the fights will be based on inverse kinematics, but also you have to go on the roads, and not somehow through thickets and swamps, to safely reach the goal.

As A Way Out, such an approach may glorify the game, and to fail — it all depends on how developers will cope with this task themselves. Really, after Skyrim and “the Witcher 3” game in this genre is difficult to surprise someone. In particular, we hope that the abundance and realism of the game mechanics will not interfere with the flow of the plot.

2. Far Cry 5

The first trailer of this game made a lot of noise. The villain in the new part of the adventure first-person shooter is a Christian radical, who founded his sect with armed followers, in which we have to shoot in the scenery typical of the American heartland. Many protested this choice of antagonist, were even formed a petition to remake the villain in the Islamist, however, the developers of the game remained relentless.

However, we think that such a setting have not had the games in the series Far Cry, which has traditionally occurred in some exotic location on a tropical island, in a fictional mountainous region near India, on the European continent in prehistoric times.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

The first part of “GTA-style Western” was warmly welcomed, to say the least. Some of the gaming media called it the game of the year. The second part, which will be released presumably in the summer, many called the most anticipated game of the year 2018. Despite the fact that information about the game quite a bit. However, Rockstar “brooms does not knit” — it’s hard to remember the last time they released some complete failure.

We hope RDR2 will become more modern in the sense of gameplay (but not the setting!), adopting game mechanics of GTA V with better graphics, of course. Just in the first part, only available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3 today to play hard, too monotonous, limited, and “torn” (from the point of view of the harmony of plot and gameplay) seems to be a mission.

Author A. Kuznetsov