#2018 CES | Samsung showed a prototype of bendable smartphone

#2018 CES | Samsung showed a prototype of bendable smartphone


At the close of the exhibition CES-2018, traditionally held in Las Vegas, the South Korean company Samsung has decided to do a very narrow number of invited participants covered by the cameras flashing, the prototype demonstration of his secret Galaxy X, rumors of which have long circulated in the Network. As expected, the smartphone has a folding screen.

Real photos of the device is of course not, but the sources, who was at the meeting, reported that the Galaxy X will have a 7.3-inch bendable display. Production of new items is expected to start in November this year, after the company solve some of the technical shortcomings of the device. Of course, about any technical characteristics of the device while speech can not be (ahead a whole year after all) but the main drawback of the device is unreliable design.

At the event, noted that the main difficulty lies in the fragility of the mechanism of the folding device and experts are working on solving this problem. According to preliminary information, the display unit will bend in both directions, and the AMOLED panel can be stretched by 12 mm without risk of damage. Currently, the company is testing panels, able to withstand up to 200 thousand folding.

If the above problem will be solved in time, then ready smartphone in 2019 will officially present to the public.