#2018 CES | Sony introduced a mobile projector the size of a...

#2018 CES | Sony introduced a mobile projector the size of a smartphone


In addition to updated models of charming dog-robot Aibo, in the course of the exhibition CES 2018, the Japanese company Sony has presented a lot of interesting electronic devices and gadgets. Among other things in particular stand out line of projectors. Along with the incredibly expensive 4K projector for $ 30,000, which can project images on the wall, standing close to her, the Japanese engineers also presented a surprisingly tiny projector. With size slightly larger than a modern smartphone, it is able to project on the wall the image with a diagonal of 3 meters.

Projector Sony MP-CD1 weighs only 280 grams and has dimensions of 8 x 14 x 1.6 cm, which does make it slightly larger smartphone. The aluminum body of the projector is firmly attached to a convenient stand that can be set so that the image is, for example, displayed on the ceiling above your bed. Sony representatives admitted that the main problem with the projector was the need for large heat sinks. They also feared that drives the cooler will create excessive noise, interfering with the viewing. In the end, Japanese engineers managed to cope with both problems.

Projector the desired distance is only 3.5 meters in order to bring on a flat surface with the screen a diagonal of 3 meters (120 inches). The truth is that the picture resolution is only 854 x 480 pixels. But the projector is able in real time to improve the saturation and brightness of the image. If the surface on which the projected picture is tilted, a special algorithm automatically adjusts the aspect ratio so that it looked right. When the brightness of 105 ANSI lumens the projector is capable of working two hours on a single charge built-in battery. As a bonus, the projector can be used as a power bank for recharging their mobile devices.

To connect an external video source or still images through the HDMI port. You can even connect to the projector game console like PlayStation 4 and play on a giant screen in your favorite games. The external audio source can connect using a standard 3.5 mm port. To operate the projector will start after warming the lamp, which takes just 5 seconds. In sale the device will be available in the spring at a price of $ 400.