A court in Moscow sentenced Zhanna Bulakh to 11 years in prison

A court in Moscow sentenced Zhanna Bulakh to 11 years in prison


Суд в Москве заочно приговорил Жанну Булах к 11 годам заключения

The United States refused to give the entrepreneur of Russia

Basmanny court of Moscow on Tuesday sentenced a U.S. citizen Janna Bulakh (bullock) to 11 years of imprisonment. Ex-wife ex-the Minister of Finance of Moscow region Alexey Kuznetsov in the last few years was on the international wanted list the Interpol on charges of complicity in the major embezzlement of funds from the budget of Moscow region.

As reported in Investigative Committee of Russia, the American authorities refused to allow Russian side to extradite Bulakh, citing a lack of extradition agreements between the two countries.

According to the decision of the Basmanny court, Zhanna Bulakh, Alexei Kuznetsov and his first Deputy Valery Nosov “fraudulently” took the right to demand arrears for housing and communal services, and also “have committed theft of cash” as a result of a number of transactions for the purchase and sale of securities. The total damage amounted to 11.8 billion rubles.

For the stolen funds, the members of the group acquired property, including hotels, in France, Switzerland and the USA, luxury cars and other property.

In 2015 at the request of the General Prosecutor’s office of Switzerland was arrested property Bulakh and Kuznetsova in the country. The investigating authorities then emphasized that the apartments and vehicles bought with money “obtained from illegal activities in Russia.”

Alexey Kuznetsov after his resignation from the post of Minister of Finance of Moscow region in 2008 and went to France. In July 2013 he was arrested on request of the Russian authorities in recent years trying to challenge the extradition.

Zhanna Bulakh during this time was among the most famous developers of real estate in new York. For several years she was part of the Board of Trustees of the Guggenheim Museum and conducted exhibitions of contemporary Russian art.

In 2013, bullock divorced Kuznetsov, marrying the American art historian Randall Brockett.