A gift to President: what are the banners made for the birthday...

A gift to President: what are the banners made for the birthday of Putin


October 7, Vladimir Putin celebrates 64 years. In Moscow, new York and Dresden appeared banners and graffiti with the image of the President of Russia

The first banner of congratulations to President Putin appeared in new York on the Manhattan bridge over the East river. This was reported by CBS New York, Putin was depicted on the background of the Russian flag at the bottom of the banner it was written “Peacemaker” (“Peacemaker”). Soon the banner was removed by the police. Who and for what purpose hung is unknown.

Photo: Nathan Tempey/AP

A similar banner appeared on the Crimean bridge in Moscow. The President is depicted in the background of the flag and map of Syria. According to the data of the REN TV channel, a banner hung by students from Syria studying in Moscow. So they decided to congratulate Putin on his birthday.

Photo: Anton Belitsky

The image of the Russian President with the words “peacemaker” (“peacemaker”) was introduced on 7 October in Dresden on the wall, where Putin lived from 1985 to 1990. About it on Twitter said the Russian Embassy in Germany.

Photo: Twitter of the Russian Embassy in Germany

Putin will celebrate his birthday with family and friends, reported yesterday its press-Secretary Dmitry Medvedev.

Congratulations to Putin turned his first teacher Vera Gurevich, and deputies of the state Duma has decided to give President 450 roses.

Last year the President held a birthday party on the ice, scoring seven goals in the match Night hockey League.