A miracle or coincidence?

A miracle or coincidence?


Social activist Karina Mikhailova — that, together, can defeat any disease

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For 10 years I work in a charity Foundation that helps children with cancer. We help children, but of course we communicate more with parents. And it’s hard…

You can’t say, “do Not worry, do not worry, it will soon pass”. And you never know how everything goes and what the outcome of many months of treatment. Always believe in the best, trying to find some words, but I don’t know. Experience and that too, not without it, especially if you are projecting something, I’m afraid. We are all living people, and there is nothing more painful and scarier than the child’s illness. For any mom. And for me.

But you know, the disease is really treatable! If the children have not recovered, did not return to school, to kindergarten, do not become adults, they themselves did not become parents, you could just go crazy.

What determines this path, the result of the treatment? I don’t know. But sometimes, it would seem, in the most difficult and hopeless the situation can sometimes be something that determines the whole subsequent result. Some at first glance a trifle, meeting, event, and everything goes as it should.

My acquaintance with Valya and Inna started with emails. Such letters I receive dozens, but for some reason this is a letter written by the Pope five year old boy, who was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the liver, touched me to the heart. I wanted to not just answer and look at the documents, and immediately call, to meet, to reassure.

We met the very next day in one of the cafes near the metro station “Mendeleev”. Before me were people about my age who have a sick son, the same age as my daughter. People are completely confused, badly understanding what’s going on. Questions poured as from a cornucopia. What kind of disease? It really be cured? What can we expect? Maybe we should go to Israel? Why on the first floor cancer clinic sell pots and pans?

And a question about pots and pans was almost more urgent all the others.

Diagnosis of cancer involves many months of treatment in the hospital. No one, of course, this is not waiting, especially a child. Therefore, getting into a clinic, no one is not ready nor the kitchen, nor to wash, to basic household things. That sold near the hospital pans, pots, nightgowns, robes, etc.

After talking, I decided to calm down, not to rush to sell the property and not to go to Israel. Inna and Artem went to the Oncology Department at the hospital where she started chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy was very hard, but it has greatly reduced the swelling.

In Russia, Artem was ready to undertake a liver transplantation from a related donor — mom or dad. Germany has offered to try to manage only the operation (removal of the tumor without change).

Transplant is in the future continuous administration of drugs that suppress their immune system to prevent rejection of the donor organ. Such children are very vulnerable to any infection by a virus.

Successful radical surgery is a chance not just to recover from cancer, but also to keep a familiar children’s lives. Had a choice…

The company where dad Artem, does charity work, helps a lot. Upon learning of the situation in the family, colleagues immediately offered help to pay German bills. So the choice was made as if by itself.

The he operated one of the world’s best surgeons. The operation lasted many hours. And it worked! The tumor was removed completely, at a meeting with parents, a German Professor said its long-awaited gut.

Then the boy returned to Russia, has completed the required Protocol, several courses of chemotherapy and was discharged home. Now he is in stable remission and he is healthy!

This year, Artyom, along with his peers went to 1st grade. He’s a very active guy, recently on our holiday canvases are zazhigatelnoe all danced hip-hop. The translator, Lena, who once did a translation of the medical records of Artyom into German, seeing him in this dance, just couldn’t hold back the tears. At discharge it was so bad and difficult, and now here he was normal, healthy, dancing baby!

Artem is friends with my daughter Masha, now they are practically the bride and groom. Maybe even intermarry with Valya and Inna in the future, who knows.

Recently, it became clear that even if the father Artem wrote then a letter to the Fund, we would still have met. When Artem got sick, told parents in kindergarten, all very experienced, a beginner, wrote notes of encouragement. And the most surprising that already in the Department of Oncology, RCCH and re-reading these notes, she found one of them with my cell phone… some Kind of mummy from the kindergarten were encouraged to reach out to our Foundation and to me.

A letter, a memo, a meeting, company, paid bills, perfect (and very rare for our reality) teamwork of the Russian and German doctors, who dances at the festival Artem. What’s all this? Good luck? Or A Miracle? Real live, made by specific people…

The author is Director of the charitable Foundation “Life”

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