A new virus turns the computers in the “bricks”

A new virus turns the computers in the “bricks”


New virus attacks Mac

The owners of computers based on Mac OS of Apple is attacked by a new malware, the company said Malwarebytes.

The virus spreads via links from the website with malware. As soon as the user navigates to a website, links to which are often distributed through spam e-mail, is installed on the computer Trojan. Once installed, the malware can run one of two workflows depending on the version of the operating system of the user, said security experts from Malwarebytes.

Attacks via mail and iTunes

In the first case, the virus fills the regular email client for the Apple operating system letters with the words “Warning! Virus Detected!” (“Attention! Virus detected!”) in the subject line. Despite the lack of further action on the user interaction, simultaneously a flood of new emails causes computer to stop responding, unable to cope with the workload.

In the second case the virus begins to open iTunes many times, which also leads to system crash.

A warning about the infected Mac with a recommendation to call a phony phone tech support