A pipe break has exacerbated the situation in new York airport Kennedy

A pipe break has exacerbated the situation in new York airport Kennedy


Прорыв трубы усугубил ситуацию в нью-йоркском аэропорту имени Кеннеди

The accident led to new disruptions that occurred after a heavy snowfall

NEW York-a water main break in new York airport Kennedy Sunday exacerbated the situation with flight delays in this air port, which is trying to cope with the consequences of snowfall in conflict with the plans of thousands of passengers.

The port authority of new York and new Jersey announced that it is about breaking the pipe of sprinkler system in terminal 4. The accident occurred at about 14:00 and led to flooding in the terminal and serious failures in its work.

“What happened at the airport, John F. Kennedy, is unacceptable. Travelers want and deserve more, – said the Executive Director of the Port authority Rick cotton. Although a pipe break, probably due to the weather, we have begun investigating the incident to accurately determine what happened, and why the inner tube was not protected from such weather conditions. You also need to understand whether there were other failures that led to this accident”.

As a result of the breakthrough the floor of the terminal was flooded with approximately 7-cm layer of water. There was video on which from the ceiling, pouring streams, and people have to go in the water.

The power supply to the affected part of the terminal has been temporarily disabled for safety reasons. For assistance, passengers were sent additional staff and dedicated buses, said Port authority.

The departure and departure of domestic and international flights in terminal 4 is delayed. Some international flights arriving at terminal 4, will be diverted to other airports or served in other terminals of JFK.

After the snow storm that hit new York on Thursday, the passengers remained in the aircraft or waited several hours for their Luggage amid delays and cancellations of flights.

52-year-old Carlos Kester came to new York for a week with his wife and two children and just wants to return to Brazil.

“We love new York, but we’re stuck here. It’s frustrating. We caught up with the snowfall and we were stuck here for 13 hours,” said Kester of the Daily News on Sunday.

In a statement released to break the pipe, the Port authority said that the Sabbath frost “caused a cascade of problems for the airlines and terminal operators”.

“We are talking about frozen breakdowns of equipment, difficulties with the baggage handling, the lack of staff and more intensive than the usual flow of passengers,” – said in a statement.