A private Chinese company will release a dedcation drone

A private Chinese company will release a dedcation drone


Young but ambitious Chinese company Tengoen Technology, founded in 2016, is planning to release a huge drone with a payload of twenty tons. The company already produces drones for military purposes, plans to use private development to implement new ideas.

A private Chinese company Tengoen Technology revealed some design features of the drone. It is known that the wingspan of the UAV will be 43 meters, to set in motion it will be eight engine, and its body is made of carbon fiber. In addition, the developers claim that the maximum load of twenty tons, and the unit will be able to fly nearly seven thousand kilometers. It is reported that flying such drones will begin by 2020.

Despite the fact that the company was barely two years old, she is already in good standing with the various agencies and private clients. The company successfully sells civilian drones, but produces and devices intended for military use, can carry not only the payload, but also the weapon. All models of drones produced Tengoen Technology, can levitate up to a few tons of cargo. The biggest at the moment, TB-001 Scorpion, designed by 2.7 tons.

In the near future Tengoen Technology is going to release and unmanned helicopter, but the information about this project has not been disclosed.