A prototype of the Tesla Semi truck was spotted and the road

A prototype of the Tesla Semi truck was spotted and the road


It so happened that the new Tesla cars start to “accidentally” appear on the roads some time after the presentation. Before someone occasionally rode on the brand new Model S, have not yet gone on the conveyor, now it is the turn of Semi truck Tesla, which was filmed in broad daylight on a common public road.

Thanks to the attentive operator, just in time to be close to the design center Tesla, past which the road and was driving an electric truck, we will be able to consider in more detail the novelty, making the most complete picture of how it will look like a truck from the electric car company Elon musk.

The video clearly shows that the rear of the cab has no compartments and is located in the alcove behind her equipment. Apparently, the battery, as well as his fellow passenger, really are located in the bottom of the truck. Apparently, the debugged scheme of installation and removal of batteries in the best way possible to replace it with this arrangement of the batteries, the weight seems to such a position better distributes.

According to information published by the developers, the battery capacity of the Tesla Semi is around 1 MWh — quite a big battery, which due to the weight and size are really difficult to install along the chassis or to hang on the cabin of the car.

Mass production of electric Tesla truck plan to start in two years. After the presentation, the number of pre-orders for Tesla Semi beginning to slowly but surely grow a few large orders for trucks came from Walmart, Sysco and Anheuser-Busch. The company has actively advocated environmental protection, so plan to purchase a small batch of trucks Tesla to reduce the amount of harmful emissions.