A report on the dismissal

A report on the dismissal


Доклад об увольнении

The U.S. Department of justice issued a report on violations of the former head of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe

In the just published report of the chief inspector of the Ministry of justice stated that the former Deputy Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe has not acted impartially and tried to mislead the investigators.

We are talking about McCabe’s decision to abandon the standard practice of the FBI and to inform the press about the status of pending investigations. McCabe authorized the FBI to tell the journalists of the newspaper The Wall Street Journal that investigated the activities of the Clinton Foundation. This was done shortly before election day 2016, Hillary Clinton fought for the presidency.

McCabe was dismissed in March, United States attorney General Jeff Sissom, who called the results of the investigation one of the reasons for the dismissal.

Andrew McCabe has denied the allegations. Attorney McCabe challenged the conclusions of the Ministry of justice to include a statement in which he indicated that the hurry with which was fired by his client, was “unprecedented, obscene and cruel”. McCabe was fired just two days before he planned to resign that, most likely, deprived him of part or all of pension.

McCabe was close to the former Director of the FBI James Comey, who was dismissed by President Donald trump in may 2017. McCabe called his dismissal a “revenge” of the tramp and tied it with the “role he played, the actions that he did and the events which he was” after the dismissal of Komi.

Trump publicly criticized McCabe for “lies and corruption” and wrote in “Twitter” that his dismissal was “a great day for democracy.” He also noted that “McCabe was completely controlled by the Komi Republic” and that the investigation of Russia’s intervention in the US presidential election in 2016 and the existence of collusion between the campaign trump and Russia was “drawn up by that bunch of thieves and scum”.

Spectacular Robert Mueller, appointed after the dismissal of Komi are investigating the Russia’s intervention in the American elections. He is also investigating whether the actions of trump, including the dismissal of the Komi Republic, an obstacle to the administration of justice.