A sixth person died as a result of wildfires in California

A sixth person died as a result of wildfires in California


Шестой человек погиб в результате природного пожара в Калифорнии

Authorities say that this year the intensity of fires in the state significantly exceeds last year’s

At a press conference on Sunday, the Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, said that the victim, whose name was not reported, was not evacuated, despite a warning. Among other victims – two children and two firefighters.

According to Borisenko, another seven people are reported missing in the area of the “fire Carr” near Redding city with a population of 90 thousand people, located about 370 kilometres North-East of San Francisco.

According to forecasts by the National weather service, hot and dry weather will continue. Gusty winds expected in the second half of the day of resurrection.

“Right now it’s happening everywhere. We still have many open stations [along the perimeter of the fire],” said a representative of the Department of forestry and fire protection California Anthony Romero.

The fire has already forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes.

According to local authorities, the fire destroyed at least 517 of buildings and injured 135. Most of them were residential buildings.

Mountain village of Keswick, where they lived about 450 people, burned down almost to ashes, said officials.

As of Sunday the fire “Carr” is the largest hearth fire in the state, threatening more than 5 thousands of buildings. The fire kept only 5 percent of its perimeter.

The fires raging in different parts of California have forced more than 50 thousand people to flee their homes, a spokesman for the fire service California Lynn Tolmachoff. About 12 thousand firefighters involved in fighting 17 significant foci reported it on Sunday.

“The intensity of the fire considerably ahead of what we saw last year, said Tolmachoff. It’s July, we haven’t even entered the worst part of the fire season”.