A U.S. startup is working on creating a holodeck from Star Trek

A U.S. startup is working on creating a holodeck from Star Trek


The developers of the California startup Light Field Lab by the end of 2018 plans to release the first working prototype most likely floating in the air of a hologram that can be seen without special headsets. To continue work on the project has already attracted seven million dollars of investment.

The basis of their display of the Light Field engineers Lab took the idea of the holographic deck from Star Trek. According to the idea of the writers of the series, the walls of the holodeck consists of a special display, capable of delivering a very realistic three-dimensional image, transforming an empty room into various locations, recreated on-Board computer. According to the developers, by 2020, the company plans to Refine the technology and use it to make a holographic representation.

The first test models of the displays are quite small, their size will be 15 x 10 inches, but next year it is planned to increase the size up to half a meter. Of these modules will be possible to make large coating widths of up to 30 meters. Each display will be able to issue a permit to 16K and will be able to project realistic holograms.

Despite the impressive features and capabilities, described by the developers, details about how technology is implemented, experts Light Field Lab is not yet open.