A US court has allowed the election Commission to collect personal data

A US court has allowed the election Commission to collect personal data


Суд США разрешил комиссии по выборам собирать персональные данные

The court order allowed the Commission of fraud in the elections to renew the collection of information about voters in the States

Federal judge of the United States decided that the Commission President Donald trump on the issues of election fraud may request information about the lists of American States.

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said that the group’s claim to protect the rights of voters is not grounds for blocking data collection.

Group on the protection of privacy – Electronic Privacy Information Center argued that the Commission had to decide the question of confidentiality before you make a request. The judge decided that the Commission is not technically an Agency, therefore, is not required to conduct such assessments.

Vice-Chairman of the electoral Commission Chris Koby called the court ruling “a major victory against government accountability, transparency and the public’s right to know about the integrity of our electoral processes”.

Donald trump, who created the Commission, argued that millions of people voted in the November presidential election illegally. Opponents point to the fact that the words of the President of the United States is not supported by evidence.

The Commission asked States to provide data on elections, including the names of registered voters, their date of birth and part of the social security numbers.

Some States refused to obey this and other States said that they need to study the question of providing such data. Thirty States said that they provide limited information that is already public for a fee.

American democratic lawmakers expressed concern that the Commission may lead to new requirements on the additional voter identification, which will lead to difficulty of voting.

The decision of the court does not oblige States to convey information relevant to the election. It is expected that a number of States will continue to struggle in the courts. The American civil liberties Union also filed a separate lawsuit against the Commission.