A US Federal court has blocked the decision of President trump

A US Federal court has blocked the decision of President trump


Федеральный суд США заблокировал решение президента Трампа

The white house continues to insist on the ban on military service for transgender people

A Federal appeals court in Washington rejected the claim of the US administration, attempted to challenge the previous court decisions on the question of the possibilities of service in the armed forces for transgender people.

In August of this year, President Donald trump signed a Memorandum under which the United States military in the period up to March 2018 was supposed to introduce an official ban on the employment of transgender people.

In addition, the President has authorized the Pentagon to dismiss transgender individuals from the armed forces and forbidden to use public funds to Finance sex change operations for military personnel.

In recent months, Federal courts in three States – Maryland, California, Washington, and the district of Columbia has blocked the President’s decision, declaring it illegal and a violation of basic rights of citizens.

According to the judge Jesus Bernal, an initiative of the President of the United States will cause “irreparable damage” to the military personnel currently in the armed forces.

“No court can fix the damage that was inflicted by the government (USA), who said that some citizens don’t deserve to wear the military uniform only because of their gender”, he said.