Accessible environment access to cemeteries

Accessible environment access to cemeteries


The Ministry of economic development proposed to adapt for disabled people building on the territory of cemeteries

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Russian cemetery plan to make more accessible to people with disabilities. The corresponding norm is envisaged by article 23 of the draft law “On the funeral business in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”, developed by the Ministry of construction and housing.

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According to the Ministry of economic development on the bill, the full rate should not be applied. Therefore, the Ministry of economic development proposed will be limited in order to make it accessible to disabled buildings located in the cemeteries. According to representatives of the funeral industry to implement this rule in life will require significant budgetary funding.

The Ministry of economic development has prepared a conclusion on the regulatory impact assessment (RIA) on the bill of the Ministry of construction “On the funeral business in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”, designed to make the Russian cemetery accessible to people with disabilities and people with limited mobility. The Ministry considers that the requirements for cemeteries, which put the Ministry in his bill, are excessive and difficult to implement in practice.

As noted in the RIA, although the Ministry shares the position of the Ministry about the necessity of the organization of accessible environment for disabled and limited mobility groups of population, Ministry of economic development of Russia “nonetheless believes extremely difficult the execution of the abovementioned requirements on the land”. As a compromise it is proposed to extend the requirement for creation of barrier free environment for persons with disabilities only such objects of funeral appointment as “a building, part of a building, structure, complex of buildings and facilities intended for the provision of funeral services”.

Deputy Minister of construction, housing and utilities of Russia Andrei Chibis said that the Ministry does not agree with the comments of Ministry of economic development.

– On the territory of objects of funeral appointment needs to be arranged accessible environment for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility. These requirements already contained in the Federal law “About social protection of invalids in the Russian Federation”, – said Andrey Chibis. – On the territories of cemeteries shall be provided access by persons with disabilities and disabled persons to areas of burials, columbarium of all kinds; the buildings of the administration, trade and domestic buildings for visitors to public toilets; for the water devices and for watering bowls and other objects.

Neither in the bill nor in the ODS there is no assessment how much money you may need for the modernization of all Russian cemeteries. Moreover, remains unknown and their exact number. Earlier, the Deputy head of Ministry Andrey Chibis told that according to various estimates in Russia from 30 to 70 thousand cemeteries.

To estimate how much it will cost to upgrade, it is problematic.

— Each case is individual. It is necessary to make access roads, gates, ramps, if the construction of multi-storey or porch. A separate issue — if the track is too narrow. To calculate how much money is necessary for the meter, here is impossible. In any case, I think the minimum is a hundred thousand rubles, — says the first Deputy Chairman of the Commission on the development of social infrastructure, local government and housing and communal services of Public chamber of the Russian Federation Artem Kiryanov.

In his opinion, you can use the scheme under which the work will be done only at the request of the citizens.

— There are cases when spent tens of millions of rubles, but it turned out that the use of the infrastructure, no one reminded Artem Kiryanov.

In Russia already there are examples of cemeteries accessible to disabled people. In particular, similar work is going on Troekurov cemetery in Moscow —for its modernization were allocated 6,8 million roubles. However, the money to the cemetery not only made accessible to people with disabilities, but greened and expanded.

The Executive Director of the Association of funeral industry Oleg Larionov agreed with the position of economic development.

Cemeteries are very large. For example, Khovanskoye occupies 250 hectares in such areas is extremely problematic everywhere to make free access for the disabled, he said.

Oleg Larionov has noted that it is unclear where to seek funding even for the modernization of buildings. In his bill, the Ministry pointed out that the implementation of the new standards will not require additional subsidies from the budget.

— It turns out that everything will be entrusted to the municipalities as the owners of the cemeteries. And many of the municipalities do not have funds for the maintenance of the cemetery, often even on garbage collection is not enough, — said Oleg Larionov.

He explained that in the case of the adoption of the law on the establishment of cemeteries barrier-free environment will have to be upgraded and a number of religious buildings, which often are located in the cemeteries.

— It’s hard to imagine how it will be done. If you follow the letter of the law, the owners — religious organizations will get prescriptions, then, if disabled will not create the conditions that will be followed by fines and other sanctions, up to suspension of activity, — said Oleg Larionov.

Artem Kiryanov believes that all cemeteries have the opportunity to become open to the disabled.

— In Europe most cemeteries are all conditions for people with disabilities. To date, Russian cemetery is far from ideal, and this despite the fact that the money that is invested in the official events, and especially those who still take black cash from relatives, very serious. The contents of the cemeteries can only be adjusted very rigid methods. If the government set the task, then all will quickly do the funds exist, otherwise nothing will change. Talk about the fact that this is an unbearable burden for entrepreneurs, it is necessary to forget, — he said.

Religious institutions, according to the expert themselves are willing to create conditions for disabled people and are not against the new rules.

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