Adata has introduced two new external battery with digital screen

Adata has introduced two new external battery with digital screen


Adata Technology, a manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules, NAND flash memory and mobile accessories, has introduced external batteries P20000D and P12500D. Both models are equipped with durable lithium-ion batteries and a digital screen that informs the owners about the remaining charge, reported CNews in Adata.

Two USB ports at 2.1 A allows you to quickly charge two devices simultaneously. Both batteries have a high degree of protection thanks to the six protective studs and a special insert that protects against impact and fire. The model P20000D also has a led flashlight is high brightness. Model P20000D and P12500D capacity 20000 mAh battery 12500 mAh will provide multiple charging of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices, including wireless headphones and game controllers, said the company.

Instead of the outdated methods of notification remaining charge, such as a flashing light or division, the screen innovations shows the exact percentage of battery charge remaining. Abandoning the traditional uninformative approach, engineers Adata has decided to provide users with accurate information that corresponds to the modern capacious battery.

External batteries P20000D and P12500D