Adviser to trump Sebastian Gorka dismissed

Adviser to trump Sebastian Gorka dismissed


Советник Трампа Себастьян Горка отправлен в отставку

The reason could be was the opposition to the new strategy of the US President in Afghanistan

Deputy assistant to the President for national security Sebastian Gorka confirmed that he had left the White house.

In a letter of resignation, written by Hill and received a number of media, he said that trump’s decision to send additional military troops to Afghanistan was the reason for his personal disagreement with the foreign policy of the administration.

Hill wrote, in particular that the term “radical Islamic terrorism” was specifically excluded from the President’s speech on new strategy in Afghanistan. This, according to Slides showed that “the key element of your presidential campaign lost.”

“This omission must seriously interfere with any professional in the field of national security and any American who is dissatisfied with the last 16 years of catastrophic policy decisions,” wrote Hill.

While Sebastian Gorka claims that he resigned from his post, many media outlets, citing anonymous government sources, reported that Hill was fired.

Sebastian Gorka, a former editor of the conservative website Breitbart, pursuing a hard line against Islamic extremism, has joined the property as trump’s adviser on the fight against terrorism.

Earlier, the White house left the chief strategist of the administration Steve Bannon, who returned to work at Breitbart News.

Like Slide, ‘bannon after the resignation stated that, after leaving the White house, he will have more opportunities to support President trump.