“Aeroflot” has demanded from the former Deputy head of the company more...

“Aeroflot” has demanded from the former Deputy head of the company more than $120 million


Former first Deputy General Director Nikolai Glushkov, 2006

Photo: Vitaly Belousov/TASS

A court in Moscow began to consider the case of former first Deputy General Director “Aeroflot” Nikolay Glushkov, who is accused of embezzlement from the company. In the case “Aeroflot” has submitted to implicate a claim for $122 million

In Savelovsky court of Moscow on Tuesday held its first hearing on the case of the former first Deputy of “Aeroflot” Nikolay Glushkov, who is accused of theft by the airline. As reported by the lawyer of the former top-Manager Vasily Golovin, the airline filed a lawsuit against his client.

The press service of “Aeroflot” confirmed RBC this information, noting that the alleged claim amount “$122 million, plus interest.”

The carrier in 2010 was recognized as a victim from the fraud in especially large size and now “involved in a civil process in London against Mr Glushkov and other co-defendants for damages incurred as a result of the above fraudulent acts,” reads the response of “Aeroflot” to a request to RBC. The report notes that these civil cases are heard in London and in Russia in respect of Glushkov is a separate trial, in which “Aeroflot” and said the lawsuit.

Glushkov currently resides in England, where in 2010 he received political asylum.

According to investigators, in collusion with Boris Berezovsky, Glushkov convinced the leadership of “Aeroflot” to take out large monetary loans ostensibly for financial recovery of the company, and the money really was stolen.

In December 2000, Nikolai Glushkov was arrested on charges of embezzlement of Aeroflot, accused of fraud, the laundering of criminally acquired assets and the non-return of currency earnings from abroad. Later Glushkov was accused of and still escape from the hospital where he was detained.

In the spring of 2004 the Savelovsky court of Moscow has justified the Glushkov on charges of fraud and money laundering, but found him guilty of abuse of power, failure to return foreign currency earnings from abroad and trying to escape and sentenced to three years and three months imprisonment. Given the fact that about as many Glushkov that time was in custody, he was released in the courtroom, then went to London.

Later the Moscow city court cancelled the decision of Savelovsky court and sent the case for retrial. In 2006 Savelovsky court decided to terminate criminal prosecution for failure to return foreign currency earnings in connection with the lapse of time, and in other articles sentenced Glushkov to two years of imprisonment conditionally.

In 2010, the Federal justice Department of Switzerland has issued a decree about the return of “Aeroflot” $52,222 million, derived earlier from the accounts of foreign representations “Aeroflot” into accounts controlled by Boris Berezovsky to the Swiss company Andava. Russian Prosecutor General’s office then said that in total favor of “Andava” Glushkov and other associates of Berezovsky was withdrawn over $252 million.

“Having the opportunity to dispose of monetary funds organized criminal group led by Berezovsky, has created the mechanism of their plunder under the guise of execution of contractual obligations between “Aeroflot” and “Andalou”, the implementation of which, together with Glushkov and Krasnenker (former commercial Director “Aeroflot”. — RBC) was attended by chief accountant of JSC “Aeroflot” [Lydia] Krajewska and other persons”, — noted in the message of the Prosecutor General.

In early 2013 the Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Zvyagintsev announcedthat the English court from “Aeroflot” filed a lawsuit against Berezovsky and Glushkov in the amount of 719 million rubles.

Boris Berezovsky, who moved to Britain in 2000, died in March 2013. After his death, Glushkov saidthat could strangle. “I don’t believe it was suicide. This was not an ordinary death,” — said Glushkov in an interview with The Guardian.