Agency for the protection of the environment was accused of violating the...

Agency for the protection of the environment was accused of violating the law


Агентство по охране окружающей среды уличили в нарушении закона

The Agency exceeded the allowable spending limit with the installation of soundproof booths for Scott Pruitt

The accounts chamber of the USA said Monday that the Agency for environmental protection (EPA) violated the law by agreeing to allocate $ 43,000 to the device a soundproof booth for the head of Department Scott Pruitt.

As stated in the chamber that EPA violated the law prohibiting government agencies spend more than $ 5,000 on the situation and repair the offices of officials, appointed by the President, without prior notification to the committees on appropriations.

The conclusion of the accounting chamber regarding the permissible costs has become another round of scandal around the spending Pruitt.

Earlier Pruitt was accused of extravagance due to the fact that he traveled first class and had booked expensive rooms at hotels during business trips, and also ordered expensive additional security services due to threats from opponents of his policies.

Pruitt is one of those figures in the administration of the tramp that cause the most heated discussions. He fulfilled the data in the appointment of promises, abolishing many of the environmental constraints for companies that entered during the administration of former President Barack Obama.

After the recent reports of the waste Pruitt in recent weeks, some Democrats began to call trump to send him into retirement. Reportedly, this idea sounds and behind the scenes of the White house: with the same appeal was made by chief of staff John Kelly. Earlier, other officials designated by trump, was dismissed due to excessive cost.

However, trump has said on several occasions that he trusted Pruitt. So, earlier this month, he said: “I think he did a great job. Incredible work. He acted very bravely. It wasn’t easy, but I think he did a fantastic job.”

EPA defended the decision to spend $ 43 238 to the device soundproof booth, saying that Pruitt needed a place where you can enjoy the secret phone line in order to conduct confidential discussions about the Affairs of the Department.

“Secure phone and just not install on the desktop or in the conference room,” said the Agency.

According to EPA, the cost of the device box installed in the pantry office Pruitt included the cost of the construction and its installation ($24,000), dismantling of surveillance systems ($8,000), reducing the ceiling level (3 300 USD) and painting (even 3300 dollars).

The chamber said that EPA must notify Congress of the breach, but it is unclear whether you will have to disassemble the booth.