AI algorithm won one of the world’s best Dota 2 players

AI algorithm won one of the world’s best Dota 2 players


Chess and go – it was only the beginning. Now the computer won person in the most popular discipline among young people in Dota 2. Yes, not just anyone, but one of the best professional players in the world, Ukrainian Daniil “Dendi” Ishutin. On the stage of the tournament, The International, the flagship annual event of Valve with a prize Fund of $ 24 million, collecting only the best teams in the world Dota 2 game AI algorithm OpenAI showed who really is “the best mid player in the world.”

Recall that OpenAI is a nonprofit organization with an authorized capital of $ 1 billion dedicated to research of artificial intelligence, led by among others, the Executive Director of Tesla Motors and SpaceX Elon Musk.

In the first match of the game 1 on 1 bot, it took about 10 minutes to break up “Dendi”. In the second game professional players lost even faster. The third match to play refused.

Watch the game below.

“Please stop humiliating me,” some point said Ishutin, earned during his career as a professional player more than 735 thousand dollars in prize money.

After the match, Daniel commented:

“Actually, to be honest, a bit sad. Arrived at International to fight one-on-one and lost to the bot. Sad.”

According to “Dendi” to defeat the algorithm, but it need to play very carefully.

“I think it’s real. Just need to play very clean. Need to know what to do, because one on one is different from the 5×5 is very strong in all respects”.

Elon Musk did not miss the opportunity to talk about the achievement OpenAI through your page on Twitter, noting that the boat “for the first time was able to defeat the world’s best professional eSports athletes”.

In the video below technical Director OpenAI Greg Brockman explains that the boat company has played more games than any expensive professional Dota 2 player cash once you generate “a thousand lives” against himself under the guidance of the company. Brockman also noted that the boat had already won a few professional players Dota 2.

“Last week, our bot won against many top players, including SumaiL’and (best Pro player in the world in the format of 1 on 1) and Arteezy (best among all players of Dota 2),” Brockman wrote in his blog.

Feature “game with yourself” was the key to the superiority of the bot OpenAI, said Brockman in an interview with Business Insider shortly after the last match. This is a very convenient way to teach the bot more complex and comprehensive tasks. He will learn nothing if I play against weaker or much stronger opponent. But playing with himself he always is against a worthy opponent, said Brockman.

“You become a witness of how the AI is coming up with a winning tactic”.

This is not the first case when the company involved in the development of artificial intelligence, honing the skills of their protégé with the help of video games. The same AI company DeepMind, Google has succeeded in the popular strategy of StarCraft 2, and the Microsoft team AI has achieved very good results in Ms. Pac-Man. However, OpenAI is not going to stop there. The organization hopes to be able to prepare their bot for the game in a more popular format in Dota 2, where you fight teams of 5 on 5.

“With “DotA” we’re not done,” said Brockman to Business Insider.

He also noted that OpenAI will improve the bot in other games. The principle of “playing with yourself” can be applied in almost any discipline. Will be very interesting to observe how the same boat can learn, being in different conditions.

“We do our job not just to publish a regular report or article. We do this to create a real working system that is able to do what was not possible before.”