Al picks new Senator

Al picks new Senator


Алабама выбирает нового сенатора

In the southern state, the fate of seats in the Senate, which may affect the passage of draft legislation proposed by the administration trump

From Alabama, after eight p.m., new York time, began to receive the first preliminary results of voting on the election of a new member of the Senate of the United States.

For the seat from Alabama in the upper house of Congress, was released after the transition of Senator Jeff and Roman sessions on the attorney General of the United States, fought Democrat Doug Jones and the now infamous Republican Roy Moore.

Parallel to the campaign, Moore had to fend off a number of allegations of sexual harassment to several women have broken the silence of decades later.

Preliminary results do not guarantee victory to any candidate, but in the first hour after the vote became known that the Democrat Jones voted 63.8% of voters, against 35.9 percent for the Republican Moore.

The final results will be known after some time.