Alabama: Democrat Doug Jones won election to the Senate

Alabama: Democrat Doug Jones won election to the Senate


Алабама: демократ Даг Джонс одержал победу на выборах в Сенат

During the election campaign, Republican Roy Moore was at the center of a sex scandal

The Democratic candidate, Doug Jones won an unexpected victory over Republican Roy Moore in the early elections to the U.S. Senate from Alabama. Jones scored 49.9 percent of the vote, pestilence and a half percent less 48.4%. These are preliminary voting results.

Senate seat vacant following the appointment of the President of Jeff and Roman sessions for the post of Minister of justice.

The victory for Jones was a serious defeat of the Republican party, and President of the trump in the conservative South Alabama. The last time a Democrat won this state in the Senate election 25 years ago. Now the advantage of the Republicans in the Senate will be a minimum of 51 votes against 49 votes for the Democrats.

During the election campaign of Roy Moore, which was personally supported by trump, became involved in a sex scandal. Several women accused him of sexual harassment, which, according to them, took place in the 1970-ies. After this, some influential Republicans reacted negatively to the prospect of election to the Senate of his same party.