AliExpress has suspended the delivery to Russia via SPSR operator

AliExpress has suspended the delivery to Russia via SPSR operator


Showroom company AliExpress at the Leningrad station in Moscow

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

Online retailer AliExpress has suspended the delivery to Russia via SPSR postal operator because of problems with customs clearance of goods. The retailer asked the sellers to negotiate with clients about other methods of delivery

Chinese online retailer AliExpress has suspended delivery of goods to Russia via SPSR logistics company due to problems with customs clearance at the border. This is stated in the letter AliExpress sellers, reports TASS.

According to the letter, the suspension of delivery is due to a failure in the system of customs clearance of commercial shipments of the Federal customs service (FCS) of Russia. While the text clarifies that the failure did not affect mailed the parcel.

“Starting today, the platform is temporarily not providing services to commercial Express delivery, suspend the option of sending (goods) “Russian-Chinese delivery — SPSR” and “AliExpress shipping no worries — first” in the Russian direction to restore operation of the system of commercial shipments of the FCS of Russia”, — said in a letter to the retailer.

AliExpress asked sellers to cancel the already generated but not sent orders and to negotiate with the buyer about other shipping methods. The company added that it has already received Russia via SPSR and passed the customs clearance of the parcels will be delivered without delay.

One of the vendors working through AliExpress platform, on condition of anonymity, told TASSthat problems with delivery through SPSR in Russia began in the end of December 2016.

In addition to SPSR Express delivery of goods from AliExpress provides EMS service of “Mail of Russia”. In a press-service of the postal operator said that this problem is not affected.