Almost 50 countries of the UN have accused of cooperation with Pyongyang

Almost 50 countries of the UN have accused of cooperation with Pyongyang


Почти 50 стран ООН уличили в сотрудничестве с Пхеньяном

As North Korea bypasses international sanctions

On Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury announced the expansion of sanctions against North Korea. In the new list of Office of foreign assets control included 17 individuals, including several natives of the former USSR, 9 commercial enterprises from North Korea, registered in Hong Kong. China and Thailand and 6 ships carrying oil and goods to Pyongyang.

However, some experts find these measures insufficient. In the annual issue of the analytical report Peddling Peril Index (PPI), prepared by the Institute for scientific research and international security and presented at the Capitol on Wednesday, alleged that the sanctions regime against North Korea break today 49 countries.

“North Korea is in most cases preferred to “work” with countries in which nearly or completely absent of export and financial control, as well as with those who are most susceptible to corruption”, – stressed the President of the Institute of science and international security David Albright.

The authors of the report note that, despite numerous resolutions of the UN security Council, at least 13 countries in the world continue military-technical cooperation with Pyongyang. For example, the North Korean military instructors working in several African countries, preparing units of the presidential guard in Angola, Uganda and Congo. North Korea supplies weapons and military equipment to Eritrea, Mozambique, Namibia, conducts maintenance and repair of some systems, including the installation of air defense “Pechora”, in Tanzania.

The number of States supporting military-technical cooperation with the DPRK also mentioned Iran, Sri Lanka, Cuba and Syria. Analysts remind that the UN continues investigation against Damascus, suspecting the Syrian government in cooperation with Penanam in the field of conventional weapons, chemical weapons and missile technology.

North Korean experts, according to the UN, assisted in the maintenance of air defense systems serijskih the government forces, provided technical assistance in the programme of Damascus on the use of Scud missiles. In addition, representatives of North Korea was seen at the research Centre for SAR, where, according to international observers, could be to create chemical weapons.

While observers acknowledge that in some cases, international sanctions can be quite effective. For example, in October of last year, under pressure from the UN, the Ugandan authorities expelled several members of the North Korean defense companies.

According to the Washington-based Institute of science and international security, a much larger number of countries involved in the illegal supply to Pyongyang, or purchases various raw materials and mineral resources in North Korea. The list of such States of the 44 countries of the world, including Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Iran, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, United Arab Emirates and several others.

The company of twenty other States, among them Russia, Peru, Panama, Greece, Brazil and Japan offer North Korea the opportunity to use their flags on the Pyongyang-owned marine vessels, bypassing thus the sanctions regime.

“To solve this problem you need skoordinirovanno action by the entire world soobshestva, but the first step would be to develop hard and the point financial sanctions that would have forced the governments of various countries to implement the resolutions of the UN security Council,” – says David Albright.