Amazon opens first store without cashiers and ticket office

Amazon opens first store without cashiers and ticket office


Amazon открывает первый магазин без кассиров и касс

Special cameras and sensors to track the goods purchased by the buyers

Company Monday will open for the first visit to a grocery store without cash registers. The experiment, which was preceded by a test period of more than a year, could dramatically change the traditional retail trade.

Shop Amazon Go in Seattle equipped with cameras and sensors that track what products the buyers are taking off the shelves and what you put back. Cash registers and queues to the booths will be unnecessary – after leaving the store the money for the goods will be debited from the buyer’s credit card automatically.

For retailers, the opening of the store is a potential undermining of their positions associated with the world’s largest online seller who last year bought supermarket chain Whole Foods Market, selling premium products for 13.7 billion dollars. Long queues alienate buyers, so the company that will find a way to get rid of them will gain an advantage in the market.

Amazon has not said whether it intends to open stores Amazon Go elsewhere. It also States that it plans to use Bekasovo technology in the stores of Whole Foods Market.

Shop Amazon Go worked in test mode since December 5, 2016, but it could only Amazon employees. Then the company planned that the store will go to normal operation in early 2017.

However, problems arose, told Reuters informed source. It was not always possible to correctly identify buyers of similar size. When the test period the customers come to the store with my kids, they were causing chaos, incorrectly folding products.

Vice President Amazon Go Gianna Puerini stated that test period, the store worked very well thanks to the preliminary work, which took four years.

“This technology was not simple, said Puerini, walking around the store in Seattle. – She became a new achievement in computer vision and machine learning”.