Analysts told about the interest of Russians to the restaurants during the...

Analysts told about the interest of Russians to the restaurants during the holidays


Photo: Eugene biyatov/RIA Novosti

On new year’s holidays 2017 Russians visited restaurants is 15% less than the year before. Restaurateurs blame the stronger ruble and Christmas frosts

In the period from 30 December 2016 to 8 January 2017 the number of reservations of seats in restaurants decreased by 15% compared to last year’s new year holidays, the statistics of the system of reservations “Tomato” (have RBC). While a year earlier the dynamics was positive. During the winter holidays 2015/16 years, the Russians had made dinner reservations at the restaurants on third more often than 2014/15. Data “Tomato” account for approximately 1.3 thousand of restaurants located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in 17 cities of Russia.

Analysts attribute the decline of interest in Russian restaurants with the stabilization of the ruble, causing many potential visitors to present the New year went abroad. Interviewed by RBC restaurateurs say and another reason is the strong frosts established in the European part of Russia from January 6.

“Last year people were going quite steadily, and this year there were more guests in the first warm days of January,” says owner of a chain of restaurants “Meat&Fish” Sergei Mironov. According to him, the last day of the Christmas holidays, January 8, “the restaurants were practically empty.”

In the second half of the Christmas holidays visitors are always getting smaller as people run out of money and there comes a “physical fatigue from the holiday abuse of food and drink”, said the press-service restaurant chains and Goodman, “Kolbasoff”, but the current frost “aggravated the situation”.

More likely, according to restaurateurs, from the cold affected establishments in the city centre. “Great hopes were pinned on various street entertainment events and festivals, and as a result people moved from metro to home or to the car short dashes,” — explains the representative of Goodman networks and “Kolbasoff”. In the end, it is estimated that the catering establishments in the city centre, the attendance could be reduced to 40%. Those who are located in shopping centers and residential areas, the decline does not exceed 15%.

Head of marketing Department of real estate management and operation company JLL Elena Solovyov said that the traffic in shopping centers managed by the company in January holidays 2017 increased on average by 8-15% compared with the year 2016. Meanwhile, the index of a consulting company Rstat, based on the analysis of the average number of visitors per day is approximately 50 shopping centers in Moscow, confirmed by the negative dynamics. In General, from 30 December 2016 to 8 January 2017 index decreased by 15.6% compared to the same date a year earlier. The last holiday weekend of 7 and 8 January 2017 shopping centres visited twice less people than the usual weekend, concluded analysts Rstat.

The decrease in the number of guests and restaurateurs were able to partially compensate for the increase in average check. According to their estimates, in different institutions, it increased by 10-25%, because in the holidays people usually eat and consume alcohol more than usual.