Appeal to Congress: trump guests

Appeal to Congress: trump guests


Обращение к Конгрессу: гости Трампа

The President invited to his speech, designed to illustrate critical aspects of his policies

The US President Donald trump, following a long tradition of invited guests at his speech to Congress with an appeal “On the situation in the country” to highlight the most important policy aspects.

During the first year of his presidency trump treatment “On the situation in the country” in the gallery of the house of representatives together with the first lady Melania trump will attend fifteen guests.

Among them is welder from Ohio Corey Adams, who, according to the White house, plans to use the funds released due to tax reform trump, to pay for education of their daughters.

In addition, the performance of the invited employers Adams, brother and sister Steve Staub and sandy Keplinger, the founders of industrial companies, who say that tax reform will allow them to expand the business and increase the holiday bonuses for employees.

Will be among the guests of the President and the two couples, Elizabeth Alvarado and Robert Mickens and Evelyn Rodriguez and Freddy Cuevas, whose daughter died at the hands of an armed group MS-13. Their presence is intended to illustrate the desire of the trump to fight the infiltration of illegal immigrants with criminal tendencies. Another guest will be S. J. Martinez, an agent of immigration and customs enforcement, whose efforts were arrested more than 100 members of MS-13.

Trump also invited a police officer from new Mexico Ryan Holets, who adopted a child of parents with opioid dependence, which is an acute problem in the United States.

Among the guests will be several members of the armed forces U.S. veteran of the marine Corps Matthew Bradford who lost his sight and both legs in the blast of an improvised explosive device in Iraq in 2007; army Sergeant Justin peck, who saved compartment of a friend in November of last year and Creator of initiatives and Flower Flag (Flag and flower) Preston Sharpe. The participants of this program honor the memory of the dead soldiers laying on their graves the American flag and red carnations.

Trump and first lady have also invited three people who played an important role in their communities during the incident in last year’s natural disasters.

John Bridgers founded a non-profit organization Cajun Navy, which took an active part in search and rescue efforts in the South, particularly during the flooding in Houston caused by hurricane “Harvey”. The employee of fire service David Dahlberg rescued 62 people, including children, during forest fires in southern California. A specialist in aviation electronics Coast guard Ashley Leppert brilliantly distinguished himself during rescue operations in connection with hurricanes.

Since trump already actively preparing for campaign 2020, his team has organized a live broadcast of the appeal and promised to show on the screen the names of all who donate at least 35 $ on the campaign.

Some of the legislators-Republicans invited guests, supporting the policy of trump, while Democrats gave the invitation to those who are dissatisfied with the activities of the President.

Several Democrats invited immigrants, many years ago, illegally imported into the country parents. The question of their fate is the subject of a fierce debate between lawmakers and the White house since like last year, trump quit a program that protects them from deportation, authorizing Congress to make a decision on this issue by 5 March.

Democrat Debbie Dingell of Michigan was invited to the President Cindy Garcia whose husband, Jorge Garcia, was recently deported to Mexico after living in the USA for 30 years.

Congressman Joe Kennedy from Massachusetts, who will deliver a speech response on behalf of the Democrats at the end of the presidential address, invited soldier-transgender Patricia king to draw attention to trump introduced the ban on military service for transgender people.

The Senator from new York Kirsten Gillibrand invited the mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz, who actively criticized the administration’s reaction to hurricane “Maria” in Puerto Rico.