Apple has acknowledged that it intentionally slows the speed of the old...

Apple has acknowledged that it intentionally slows the speed of the old iPhone


If you were or are the owner of the smartphone family iPhone, you probably noticed that over time your gadget gradually begins to run slower and slower. Many have attributed this to the fact that the new firmware is more demanding on the hardware of the gadget, making the overall speed of operation of applications is gradually reduced. Some even admitted the existence of conspiracy theories, according to which the Cupertino-based company artificially slows down their devices, thus pushing users to buy new. All the secret sooner or later becomes apparent. Now and representatives of Apple for the first time explained why this is so.

Rumors that replacing the old battery for new can greatly improve your iPhone productivity soared in the Network for quite some time. Employees GeekBench conducted a series of experiments confirming this theory. It turned out that the old processor models of the iPhone really starts to run slower over time, and this is due to the degradation of the battery. To hide this fact then it would be just pointless, especially when the developers are quite well-known benchmark for mobile devices has demonstrated the existence of the problem. Therefore, the representatives of the company Apple has made an official statement.

“Our main goal is to provide our users the best experience from interacting with Apple products. We try to provide maximum device performance, but are also trying to extend their life. Lithium-ion batteries eventually lose their capacity and cease to provide the device the necessary voltage. This process is inevitable, and it is considerably accelerated, for example, in the cold season. All of this can lead even to sudden shutdown of the device in order to protect its electronic components. Last year we added models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE a new feature that prevents them from turning off unexpectedly, more efficiently using battery power. We have already added this feature in iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2 and planned in the near future to extend it to the rest of our devices,” according to a press release.

To paraphrase the above, we can conclude that Apple artificially slows down the operation of the electronic components of those iPhone whose battery has degraded so much that it is not able to provide stable voltage. This “fix” the company is trying to extend the life of devices and avoid turning them off at the most inopportune moment. This approach, of course, can be called noble. But the conclusion that we are constantly pushed to acquire new, more expensive model of smartphone, also suggests itself. On the other hand, no one denies the iPhone with a depleted battery just replace it with a new one in one of the many services. Fortunately, today, it costs not so much money.