Apple has patented a transparent frameless smartphone

Apple has patented a transparent frameless smartphone


Bureau of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) granted Apple a patent that describes a smartphone with a transparent screen extending from one edge to the other. On the surface of the flexible OLED panel has tiny holes, which can be hidden components “iPhone” – for example, camera, speakers or Home button.

The slits placed between the pixels so small that are imperceptible to the human eye. Through them, write Apple engineers may transmit the information to the various sensors of the device, including a light sensor and a microphone. In addition, the holes can play the role of a second screen placed below the first, and even to form a transparent “window” through which the user can observe the objects from the real world augmented with computer graphics.

It is unknown whether Apple plans to implement new technology in a commercial product, or it was patented “just in case”. However, the invention can serve as a basis for 8 iPhone, expected this year. As told in September close to the company sources, the smartphone display will occupy the entire front surface of the device from edge to edge, so the space for the key “Home” it just will.

It is expected that the key which was an essential attribute of “iPhone” in 2007, will replace a “virtual button”, which can be hidden under the display, what just is it in the new patent. In addition, in 2016, Apple received two patents, hints at the “limitless” panel. One describes the embedding of the ambient light sensor directly to the screen, in other — the ability to read fingerprints from any point of the touchscreen.

Source: Apple Insider