Apple run visionaries: Left “fathers” of the search engine and Swift

Apple run visionaries: Left “fathers” of the search engine and Swift


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The Creator of the programming language Swift, which created applications for the iPhone and iPad, Chris Lattner (Chris Lattner) left the company. At the same time it left the company’s Director of machine learning Daniel gross (Daniel Gross).

Chris Lattner announced the resignation in a letter to the official distribution

“I am pleased to report that Ted Kremenek (Ted Kremenek) will replace me as project Manager, in particular, the project Swift. This recognition of the incredible efforts he has invested in this project, and a reflection of the decisions I made: to leave Apple and to look for opportunities in other sectors,” wrote Chris Lattner, noting that his decision “was not easy”.

He added that he will remain an active participant in the developer community Swift. Chris Lattner also said that under the leadership of Kremenica will be presented to the Swift release 4.0, which Apple has scheduled for 2017 Sam Chris Lattner works at Apple since 2005 the Swift programming Language was first officially presented in 2014, it is intended primarily for developers of iOS and OS X. Ted Kremenek works at Apple, senior Manager of language programs and programs runtime.

Latter is preparing to work with the autopilot

As Business Insider reports, Chris Lattner goes to work in the company Ilona Mask (Elon Musk) Tesla. The company explained that Latter will become Vice President of development for autopilot (Autopilot Software).

Converted to Tesla chief designer of Swift Chris Lattner