Apple will soon release a “killer” Google Glass

Apple will soon release a “killer” Google Glass


Apple makes a Google Glass-killer

Apple plans to soon enter the market of “smart” points, and is already working to develop its own competitor to the famous glasses Google Glass from Google, which had not enjoyed great popularity in the market after the release. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to informed sources in the company.

Apple representatives have not yet given any official comments about this information. It is reported that recently, Apple has approached a number of third-party suppliers for the acquisition of party displays, designed for use in glasses with smart features. According to the source, the party is small, and is intended only for internal testing.

Points to Apple augmented reality

According to anonymous sources in Apple’s new smart glasses from the company if they do appear, will connect wirelessly to the iPhone and can display various images and other information. Perhaps the device will be implemented, some functionality of augmented reality.

According to analysts, the information about augmented reality adds to the veracity of the information “smart glasses” from Apple, because CEO Tim cook (Tim Cook) during the communication with investors was mentioned that Apple has invested a lot of time and money in augmented reality technology, and plans to develop their achievements further.

“Smart glasses” Apple can appear in public very soon