Application cheat sheet will help journalists to speak correctly

Application cheat sheet will help journalists to speak correctly


At the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University have developed a mobile app “1000 forms”, intended for representatives of electronic media. Software available for the platform Android, is a manual of correct pronunciation.

In the first version of the app was developed by associate Professor of stylistics of the Russian language Mikhail Studieren included about 1000 words, but in the future the Creator of the program is ready to increase the base to 25,000. According to the Dean of the faculty of journalism Elena Vartanova, chair of stylistics of Russian language of the faculty has monitored television and radio broadcast, which revealed several positive trends: the decline in the number of grammatical, lexical, and even stylistic errors. But to get rid of the incorrect pronunciation and wrong accent managed while not all journalists working in the broadcast.

The app looks very utilitarian: from the home screen, clicking on the “word Search”, the user goes to the list of expressions. It is possible to search for the truth, only printing text, voice search is not. That has meant that in the letter the journalist does not make mistakes, otherwise to find the right expression can be problematic. In addition, most modern applications will display the appropriate options in real time as you type letters into the field, speeding up the search process, here the user will see the results just by typing in a search query and pressing enter.

Another point that the developers should have corrected: now in the “1000 word forms” tap the system Back key on the smartphone does not return to the previous screen of the application (to such behavior programs Android users are accustomed to), and the exit from it. Small gaps in the interface, however, does not detract from the substantial merits of the program. In addition, it will be indispensable in cases where the correct pronunciation it is necessary to know, and access to the Internet.

Download “1000 forms” available for free in Google Play. The iOS version is still in the process of placement in the App Store.