AR: Rinat Akhmetshin testified in the case about the relations of the...

AR: Rinat Akhmetshin testified in the case about the relations of the headquarters of the trump with Russia


АР: Ринат Ахметшин дал показания по делу о связях штаба Трампа с Россией

The words of the source by the Associated Press show that spectracolor Mueller is interested in meeting with the participation of the US President’s son

The Grand jury formed by spectaculorum Robert Mueller, in closed session, heard the testimony of the Russian-American lobbyist, who was present at the meeting with the participation of the eldest son of President Donald trump in June 2016.

On it informs news Agency the Associated Press.

A source familiar with the situation confirmed to the Agency that Rinat Akhmetshin spoke to the Grand jury in recent weeks.

The source reported on condition of anonymity in connection with the confidential nature of the hearings.

The meeting in question took place a few weeks before the official nomination of trump as a presidential candidate from the Republican party, and the words of the source became most clear at the moment, proof that Mueller and his investigators see it as relevant episode in their broader investigation of the Russian intervention in the elections in 2016.

The meeting was attended by Donald trump Jr., son of President Jared Kushner and former campaign Manager by Paul Manafort.

From email correspondence published by trump, Jr., that he agreed to a meeting expecting to get information discrediting of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, allegedly in the framework of the efforts of the Russian authorities to assist the campaign of trump.

A former Soviet military officer Akhmetshin, who served in counterintelligence, also is a well-known Washington lobbyist. He represented Russian interests, trying to discredit the story of the deceased in the Russian prison of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, after whom is named the American law on sanctions.