Are people ready to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the...

Are people ready to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the medicines of the future?


We tell you about a breakthrough scientific discoveries, through which medicine is able to conquer previously incurable diseases. All this, of course, wonderful, but only as long as the speech does not go about the cost of such a miracle medications. Take, for gene therapy, developed in recent years at an incredible rate. The drug Kymriah, for example, is able to defeat some forms of cancer of the blood and bone marrow, but treatment with it, will cost 475 000 (over 27 million). Really all medicines of the future will be worth space money?

Can people give away to the pharmaceutical corporations such a huge amount of money? This question was asked journalists portal New Atlas, stumbled on the announcement of the drug Luxturna company Spark Therapeutics. This drug is able to win a rare form of hereditary disease that damages the retina of the eye, in fact, returning to human vision. The cost of the medicine struck even worldly-wise professionals. The course Luxturna will cost wishing to be cured in an insane 850 000 (over 49 million).

The pharmaceutical industry, many people … On the one hand, the drugs we need, and pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars on research and development of new drugs that are saving people’s health and their lives. However, sometimes we become witnesses of how the cost of some medicines absolutely unreasonably overstated tenfold. The creators of the drug Luxturna understand that the customer is able to simultaneously break up with 850 000 $ in the world not so much. That is why they published a press releaseoffering buy drugs in installments or credit.

“For the development of new genetic methods of treating disease takes a very long time and enormous investments. As soon as the FDA will approve these treatments, they will have to pay. The stability of the entire industry depends on profits, which is produced by pharmaceutical company,” commented Stuart OKIN, head of pediatric Oncology at the cancer Institute Dana-Farber.

Here everything is the same as the payment of the mortgage. You can purchase course of therapy with the separation of payments for many years to come. In addition, a pharmaceutical company has offered its customers a system of discounts depending on how effective will be the healing process. If the drug is not able to completely defeat blindness or show inefficiency in the first 30-90 days of treatment, the company will reimburse part of the cost of the client, returned to him part of the money spent.

However, no matter how we may frighten such drug prices, I want to live everything. That is why many Americans probably agree on the terms of payment of the cost of the drug offered by Spark Therapeutics and other companies. There are some diseases whose treatment costs about $ 300,000 a year, to take at least a hemophiliac. And this treatment is necessary for life, and not once. Agree that against the background of such costs to the amount of 850 000 does not seem so frightening. However, it is very scary to imagine a future in which mankind has learned to conquer previously incurable diseases, but afford it can only the richest inhabitants of our planet.