Arizona will send to the border guards troops of the National guard

Arizona will send to the border guards troops of the National guard


Аризона направит на охрану границы военнослужащих Национальной гвардии

Earlier, a similar decision was taken by Texas

Arizona will send the 225 National guard troops to the border with Mexico. Governor Doug Dusi said that additional units will be sent on Tuesday.

“Border security is a priority. Two-thirds of our border already have a wall. If we want to put up a wall on the remaining third, I’d welcome that. I don’t like that our border is wide open and not protected, especially in the area of Tucson (border city and borough). I also believe that we can use soldiers and technology,” said Dusi reporters on Monday.

AZ joins forces with Texas, who on Friday was sent to the border guards 250.

Two other border state, new Mexico and California, began to call members of the National guard, though the Governor of new Mexico made clear that the state will participate in the deployment. The Governor of California is not reported, what actions will take his staff.

The Minister of defence James Mattis last week signed an order to authorize the sending of up to 4 thousand National guard troops to protect the border. The order provides for the financing of these units by the Pentagon until September inclusive.

In the Directive Mattis indicated that National guard soldiers can not participate in law enforcement and may be armed only when necessary for self-defense. In the Memorandum of the Ministry of defense noted that National guard soldiers will not “interact with migrants or other detainees” without the approval of Mattis.

President Donald trump said that he wants the military remained at the border until the construction of the wall. However, in the recently adopted budget, the Congress approved the provision of Finance only for a limited part of the construction of new walls and some repair work.

The national guard is a reserve of 435 thousand troops that can be recruited by the Federal government or by state governments. Each state, as well as Puerto Rico and the district of Columbia has its own National guard units. Governors often send their guardsmen to areas of natural disasters or civil strife and unrest.

The U.S. Constitution grants the Federal government the authority to use the National guard to “enforce the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions”.

The number of people apprehended while crossing the border with Mexico, last year has decreased, but this year again it went up. Last week customs and border protection announced that in March while trying to cross the border were detained for more than 50 thousand people. It is much more than 16.5 thousand people detained in March last year, but less than the number of arrests in the same month in 2013 and 2014.

The number of arrests remained much lower than when former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama sent the National guard to the border in 2006 and 2010, respectively.