As mine without Nicehash? Manual, links, and illustrations

As mine without Nicehash? Manual, links, and illustrations


Some days Nicehash lies after the break, and we only talked about how mine. So corrected and told about the alternative method of mining on graphics cards.

Nicehash was not ideal, but very convenient cryptocurrency mining market: download the app, punch it in there purse, push “START” and receive payments in Bitcoins without much zaparok about how it all works. Now we will try to do without it.

  • 1. Register on the exchange Bittrex. If you have any difficulty, see instructions from our friends
  • 2. Go to the tab Wallets, then in the search write “ETC” without the quotes. Looking for Classic found in Ethereum and press +. The received address ETC to be copied into any word document and save — later we will need it.
  • 3. Go to the section Lab -> Auto-Sell
  • 4. In the search again write “ETC” without the quotes and hit Enter. The system finds Ethereum Classic. Next to it click on the button “Enable Auto-Sell”.
  • 5. Go to the support section, mining pool ETC. Download the archive with the latest version of miner Claymore.
  • 6. Extract on the computer looking for the file etc-pool.bat and open it in Notepad. Then, changing the wallet address to your we in the second paragraph saved in a separate file. If that address is after -ewal. Close, save and exit.
  • 7. Click twice on etc-pool.bat should then start mining. Sometimes Windows prevents the execution of files with the extension .bat — in this case, you need to allow sprashivala the security system to turn them on, then run “batch file” again.
  • 8. After a few minutes, you can go to the page of the pool statistics where in the upper right corner to hammer your wallet from step 2 and click the search and look at the statistics of his farm. if the graphics card alone, you need to wait a little longer, as alone it works very slowly, much slower looking for solutions and sends them to the pool.
  • 9. Every few days we go to Bittrex Wallets in section, write in the search and check your BTC balance, which is listed next to the word “Bitcoin”. Accumulated a sufficient amount of? Bring it to your local wallet!
  • Following these instructions you can start mining any coins, Ethereum Classic we took for example, as personally we enjoy it more.

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