ASIC or farm for mining? Pros, cons, pitfalls

ASIC or farm for mining? Pros, cons, pitfalls


Many have read our past articles and have started mine. Someone built a farm on the cards, but there were also those, who prefer farms of ASIC miners. But surely there were also those who are still undecided due to the fact that he wants to weigh all the pros and cons of each of the two options on which we’ll describe below.

First, I wish to calculate how quickly it will pay off one and the second option. This can go on — then you just need to choose your graphics card tab of GPU (or choose a model ASIC), and then click “calculate”, then the site will give approximately the same plate on which you can see how much will earn per day at existing facilities.

Comparing daily earnings with the price of the farm or ASIC can roughly calculate how many days it will pay off the buy the farm. Why about? So because the price of crypto-currencies is constantly fluctuating, miners every day becomes more and more, and the complexity of the production is also constantly growing. Therefore, despite the constant growth rates of cryptocurrencies in dollars, observed, for an entire year the miners lost a little in profit, forcedly dividing the income with newcomer enthusiasts.

Another point: in Moscow ASIC Antminer s9 costs about 250 thousand rubles, the price tag from the manufacturer on the website is around 120 thousand, but then will have to wait two or three months and then to carry the device in Russia, which is not so easy. Therefore, the price of the device should be added the cost of transportation, and in case of failure, for example, will have to take into account the transportation costs for the miner back to China, which is also difficult to perform, but also costly. In addition, we should not forget that purchased from dealers in three road S9 for these few months can bring income of about fifteen thousand dollars, which is quite comparable to the price of the device from speculators.

Payback is a good thing, but each of the two options have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of the farm are obvious:

  • Graphics cards are always on sale. Well, almost always. Went, bought, put — forward!
  • In the next two to three years they will be in demand, so they can be sold to gamers.
  • For the same three years warranty, allowing you to easily replace the burnt card with new one or repair the service.
  • the farm can be put at home — not much noise, it heats normally.
  • You can mine different cryptocurrency — video support many different algorithms.
  • Minuses farms are not as obvious but are also present:

  • For Assembly, need a no experience and straight arms. Burn motherboard, CPU or a couple of cards — a piece of cake.
  • Put the OS and the software also needs to be able. Yes, it may seem funny, but these days not everyone is able to install on the computer.
  • Farm work is pretty bulky.
  • Usually they pay off longer ASIC.
  • The advantages of ASIC:

  • Works out of the box: got, turned and drove his wallet, and began mine.
  • Pays for itself faster farms.
  • Cons ASIC:

  • A long wait for the next batch of devices will be ready at the factory, or pay to outbid twice the price for the device.
  • It happens the marriage, and to replace ASICS new is a rather complex and not so cheap task. Perpetual shortage of spare parts and long dispatch also did not add enthusiasm to the owner of the faulty miner.
  • Even one ASIC is very noisy, so putting it flat is not the best option. Well, if you have a non-residential premises. Otherwise, you will have to pay for his rent.
  • The machine emits large amount of heat, so to rents must be added and a one-time installation of good ventilation.
  • Usually ASIC mined bitcoin on one or two algorithms. If familiar with ASIC algorithm will be unpopular, good-for-nothing.
  • To discuss both options to pokholivarit and meeting like minded people in chalice.