Assange said about trying to imagine trump the illegal President

Assange said about trying to imagine trump the illegal President


The US President-elect Donald trump

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According to the founder of WikiLeaks, accusing the Russian hackers in influencing the outcome of U.S. presidential elections, representatives of the Obama administration trying to “delegitimiziruet” winning for them the Donald trump

The attempts of the administration is completing his term as President Barack Obama linked the defeat of the democratic candidate for the presidential election of 2016 with the actions of the Russian hackers due to their desire to devalue the victory of Republican Donald trump, I’m sure WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

“They’re trying to delegitimiziruet administration trump, ready to occupy the White house. They are trying to say that trump the illegal President,” said Assange in an interview with Fox News channel, which quoted the newspaper the Hill.

Assange himself has denied rumors that the Russian side has provided incriminating WikiLeaks, the Democratic leadership of the U.S. documents stolen by hackers and published in the summer of 2016.

“Our source not the government, so the answer to the question about our cooperation [with the Russian authorities] will not,” said Assange.

He also noted that he could not say with certainty, did the publication of WikiLeaks on the outcome of the US election, but I’m sure that one of the reasons for the defeat of representing the Democrats, Hillary Clinton began her own statements and the statements of the head of her election headquarters of John Podestà and head of the national Committee of the Democratic party (DNC) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

In mid-December 2016 associate of Julian Assange, Craig Murray statedthat the documents the DNC and the Clinton Foundation, published by WikiLeaks, were obtained from the informant, and not the result of a hacker attack.

“None of the leaks was not organized by the Russians. [My] source had legitimate access to information. The documents were obtained as a result of leakage and not a hacker attack,” said Murray, assuring that he personally traveled to Washington to meet with the informant, who gave him the documents, explaining his action by the “aversion to corruption” in the Clinton Foundation.

Later, the Washington Post reported that the CIA has established involvement in the transfer of documents, Democratic party USA website WikiLeaks of a number of people associated with the Russian government. December 15, NBC News, citing senior sources in the US intelligence reported that representatives of the intelligence community with “high confidence” believe that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has personally led the “secret of the Russian campaign.”

2 January 2017 the future of the press Secretary-elected President of the USA of Donald trump Sean Spicer saidthat the evidence of the fact that Russia in any way had an impact on presidential elections does not exist.