ASV sold to banks owned by the bursting of a picture of...

ASV sold to banks owned by the bursting of a picture of Ayvazovsky and the shark


Photo: Publishing house of Rodionova / TASS

In 2016, the DIA has carried out 768 197 auctions of the property of liquidated banks, raising 5.6 billion RUB From hammer away apartments, cars, gold bars, paintings by famous artists and even a small shark

In 2016, the Deposit insurance Agency (DIA) has sold assets of liquidated banks in the amount of 5.6 billion rubles, which is 1.5 times more than the year before. This is with reference to the Agency according to RNS.

Among the property sold: vehicles, apartments, coins and gold bars, paintings, rights, claims, commercial property, etc., specified in the ASV.

“From non-standard lots, you may recall, for example, the aquariums with fish, once even caught a small shark, paintings, and world famous artists such as Ivan Aivazovsky, Nicholas Roerich, jewelry,” — said the Agency interlocutor. He noted that in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, the DIA also received tens of thousands of books, which “has not found its readers and was sold as waste paper”.

Everything, according to representative ASV, last year 768 was conducted auctions of the property of nearly two hundred receiverships: 220 auctions, 201 re-auction, 267 electronic trading 19 trading on the organized market of securities 61 times assets with book value less than 100 thousand RUB. were sold through a public offering in non-electronic form.

The interlocutor of the Agency noted that currently, “there is a large number of interested parties on all types of property.” Individuals basically acquire vehicles, apartments, gold coins and bullion, while legal entities are more interested in rights claims and commercial property, said to DIA.

According to RNS, the most expensive car on display now at the auction — Mercedes-benz S600 2012 model year, which belonged to Nota-Bank. Its initial price is 21,866 million rubles. the Most expensive lot in the field of real estate — a land area of 1.36 million sq m in Istra district of Moscow region, belonging to Bank “Pushkino”. Its price was reduced from 1,344 billion to 941,3 million rubles Among the most expensive objects of art, exhibited at the auction the picture Bateau Dugarzhapova “Vernaza Cinqueterre”, which belonged to Mortransbunker (almost 1,9 million rubles).

Earlier on Wednesday, March 29, the DIA announced the closing of the sale of the estate of the “Kremlin’s banker” Sergei Pugachev in the English County of Herefordshire. Property Lower Venn Farm was sold for £1.6 million in the interests of CJSC “international industrial Bank”.