At the Atlantic Council surprised the “Kremlin report”

At the Atlantic Council surprised the “Kremlin report”


В Атлантическом совете удивлены "Кремлевским докладом"

Experts believe that the outdoor version is not a product of the work of the U.S. government, and what was done – made a quick hand

The statement of the expert of the Atlantic Council Anders Aslund that “Kremlin report” the U.S. Treasury was replaced at the last moment, is trustworthy, believes Laura Rosenberger of the German Marshall Fund.

“You know, I don’t have direct contact [with the Treasury], as Anders Aslund, but I believe that his words are trustworthy. Then the press Secretary of the Ministry of Finance in an interview with “Foreign Policy” confirmed that it was used the list of “Forbes”magazine. And Daniel fried, and Anders åslund and others were in contact with people who were involved in drafting the report. So there is every reason to believe the statement oslund».

Andrey Illarionov, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute noted that the “Kremlin report” does not meet the requirements of article 241 of the Law “on countering the enemies of America through sanctions.” In Russia, the report, according to Andrei Illarionov, has treated more than serious.

“In Russia, after several hours determined that it is a compilation of three lists. The first telephone directory of administration of the Russian President. The second is the telephone directory of the Russian government, the list of “Forbes” magazine and last year’s publication “RBC” about state-owned companies. None of the 241 paragraphs of the article was not displayed in the list, which we all saw. It is encouraging that while nothing is confirmed, the existence of the secret section of the “Report” mentioned Finance Minister Mnuchin in Congress. The Minister no doubt worth it, but it is difficult to comment on the part of the report that nobody saw”.

“Kremlin report” important, including citizens of Russia, said political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky.

The “full version “Kremlin report” will have great value if it will familiarize the Russian public. Everyone in Russia knows that the country is ruled by a kleptocracy. The public in detail about the know – how a bunch of people stole from her a trillion dollars. Publicity undermines the Foundation of the existence of the entire Russian kleptocratic system.”

With regard to the current open version of the “Kremlin report”, the experts believe that it is not a product of the work of the U.S. government, and what was done is done in haste.

  • В Атлантическом совете удивлены "Кремлевским докладом"

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