“Auchan” begin to develop a network of convenience stores under the brand

“Auchan” begin to develop a network of convenience stores under the brand


Russian shops “Attacks”

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Russian shops “Attacks” change the sign to “Auchan”. Within six years, the retailer will spend more than RUB 1 billion on re-branding 180 shops

The company “Auchan” refuse “brand Attacks” and begin to develop convenience stores under the brand “My Auchan”. About this to journalists today said the President of “AUCHAN Retail Russia” Jean-Pierre ZHERMEN. According to him, the decision to combine the sales channels under one brand aimed at improving the efficiency and development of multi-channel network.

Within six years the company intends to convert all stores “Attacks” under the brand name “Auchan”. The first supermarket “Attacks” opened in 2005.

“Now open 180 supermarkets “Attacks”, they need to be redone from a commercial point of view and from the point of view of signs. All of this will cost 1 billion rubles, even a little more,” said Germain. It is expected that the process can take a year and a half.

In this and the next year the company plans to open 20 new supermarkets “Auchan”. After the completion of the rebranding dynamics will accelerate, and in 2018 may reach 35-40 stores.

In addition, rebranding the stores will be “In step”, which “Ashan” began to open in summer 2015. During this time there were only four such shops in Moscow. They will work under the guise of “My Auchan”.

This is a new format for the “Auchan”. The first such facility opened in late August on the street Rogozhsky Val, Moscow. The investments amounted to RUB 35 million, Its area is 445 sq. m, the number of items amounted to 4,3 thousand the Peculiarity of this format in the presence of our own bakery, coffee to go and a significant proportion — 57% — fresh produce, explain the representatives of the retailer. Now the company is testing the format.

“The test while only in Moscow. To test city and center, and in places near the metro stations. I wonder how this will work,” says Germain. Once development plans are approved, the retailer intends to open a year from 8 to 10 stores, “My Auchan”.

Another chain of convenience stores “Every day” that “Auchan” is developing in 2015 and where to sell their own brands, will retain its sign. The company plans to open 8-10 stores Every day in the year.