Australia will start the train on solar energy

Australia will start the train on solar energy


In Australia a lot of Sun, so it’s silly not to use such gift of destiny to the max, decided the leadership of the railway company Bayron Bay, so very soon of the same name near the resort by rail would walk the train on solar.

The length of the route is about three kilometers. Interestingly, the train itself — not some high-tech development, which cost taxpayers millions of dollars. No, the train this is the plain old train, which was modified by the railway company with the involvement of experts from ELMOFO, a startup making electric cars.

Before the train was diesel, and now one of her engines were replaced by electric, put the battery inside, and the roof equipped with solar panels. Batteries, according to the calculations of experts, should be enough for whole day trips along the route. Charging the batteries thanks to solar panels and special stations at night because there is no Sun.

The train can carry up to a hundred people at a time, the price of the trip is only three dollars. Until January 2018 the train will go in test mode and then the user will launch it in flight along with other trains.