Australian rescuers “will hire” in the service drones

Australian rescuers “will hire” in the service drones


Equipped with artificial intelligence drones in the near future will be on the beaches of Sydney, — reports Reuters. Using the detection system of sharks they will be on the lookout for danger and to inform the rescuers about the location of marine predators.

Precision optics, which is equipped with their camera, will allow to distinguish the sharks from a distance. And, if people even with the help of binoculars can make a mistake, mistaking, for example, a shadow or a log for the predator, the special recognition program sharks, created on the basis of artificial intelligence, will cope much better.

— Studies have shown that people see sharks close to the beach in only one case out of three, whereas the effectiveness of the program for detecting drones can detect the desired object in 90 percent of cases, — said the publication of Dr. NABIN Sharma, an employee of the University of Sydney.

The goal of the program is not to replace human lifeguards, but to help them better perform their job, so before you decide to release drones on beaches, equipped with AI for a long time taught, showing him different videos with sharks — I have learned to Ocicat desired objects from swimmers, boats and debris.