Australian startup will race among the flying car

Australian startup will race among the flying car


Australian startup Alauda brought his own flying “car” Airspeeder Alauda Mark 1 from the chassis of a race car. The resulting giant copter, vertical take-off and landing will be racing flying cars, scheduled for 2019.

“Motor racing exists because we have cars. Any type of transport develops, because different companies are constantly striving to make their development better — to fly faster, higher. Here we are, creating Airspeeder Alauda Mark 1, was planning to make him something like the Ferrari”, — said the head of a startup Matt Pearson.

The first controlled flight Airspeeder Alauda Mark 1 will be held in early 2018, and the race is scheduled to start-up in 2019. The event continues to pass the stage of negotiation with the authorities, who don’t seem particularly opposed to the vote. The main thing — to lead the technical condition of the vehicles under the requirements outlined in the rules of the local state traffic police.

The aircraft can reach the speed of 200 kilometers per hour, and power it is the battery, similar to that installed in the Tesla Model S. Similar to the apparatus Airspeeder Alauda Mark 1 aircraft tools made in other countries. There is a similar development in Russia. Perhaps their creators Australians and plan to attract to participate in the race.