Automated system “Elections” will upgrade a presidential campaign

Automated system “Elections” will upgrade a presidential campaign


According to experts, to prepare for the elections of the head of state will require about 1.5 billion rubles

Photo: RIA Novosti/ Alexander Utkin

The Central election Commission has begun preparation for presidential elections to be held in 2018. The Department has begun to upgrade system gas “Vybory”, which has already been tested during the elections to the State Duma this year.

Key observations to the system the specialists there, but it requires partial updates. Replacement of equipment to the next presidential elections will be conducted until mid-2017, told “Izvestia” a CEC member Anton Lopatin.

The Federal information center under the CEC explained that now is upgrading the operating system to a more modern version. In addition, the replacement shall be the part of servers and other equipment. At the same time, as stressed by the head of the FCI at the CEC Mikhail Popov, we are talking about the planned development of the system.

Old system (Windows 2003. — “News”) is not supported by the manufacturer, and any possible failure we could cause problems, — said Popov. — To be safe, we are at the beginning of 2017 will install Windows 2008 — he explained “news” (we are talking about a special operating system for servers, which differs from the custom version. — “News”).

The acquisition of additional licenses, according to Popov, is not required.

Gas “Vybory” will be given in “combat readiness” in June 2017, the beginning of the campaign, which will be completed in a single day of voting in September. Thus, prior to the presidential elections, the new system will have time to test, says Popov.

Now we are migrating to new software in the Vladimir region. The results of this experiment will be developed, agreed and approved the uniform methodology for all the subjects of the Russian Federation, — he said.

In 2016 and 2017 to the state automated system “Elections” allocated about 6 billion rubles. According to experts, of this amount in preparation for the presidential campaign next year can be used up to 1.5 billion rubles. This figure is called “news” and the CEC.

While the developers of the system of gas “Vybory” may not completely abandon the use of foreign products. The CEC also don’t want to radically change the technical solution: the time before the presidential election is not so much. However, according to “Izvestia”, the CEC has established a working group that will develop the concept of development of gas “Vybory” after 2018.

— In the project documents should clarify the priorities that must be considered in the updated system, — told “Izvestia” in the Central electoral Commission, adding that it including talking about possible replacement of Windows operating system on a domestic analogue.

But now, according to Popov, the system is completely safe, and all threats-infiltration localized.

— We do not use for summarizing algorithms imported. All special software (SPO) and the means of security in gas “Vybory” is written in Russian, by Russian specialists, he explained.

Chairman of the Board of the Russian public Institute of electoral law, member of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights, Igor Borisov believes that the system gas-elections is not only an important institution in the organization of electoral procedures, but also one of the main barriers against potential attempts to rig the election.

His opinion is supported by the head of the Political expert group Konstantin Kalachev, who also believes that the state automated system “Elections” completely removes the questions “about a possible arbitrariness in the manual counting of votes, what creates confidence in the integrity of election procedures”.

— Sure, well, if the Russian programmers be able to create your software product, comparable to those used now in the CEO election. But there is no reason to dramatize the situation and, says the analyst.