Autonomous cars will fly its first passengers in California

Autonomous cars will fly its first passengers in California


In early April, California has introduced new rules that allow automakers to technogiant, and indeed to anyone to test fully Autonomous vehicles on the roads. And they came into force. But before these companies rush to build the cab companies self-driving cars, they will have to wait until the proposal is accepted, covered California Commission public initiatives. The proposed Commission rules will allow passengers to participate in the pilot program but only if the creators of the programs fulfil certain conditions.

First, passengers can only take cars with spare drivers. It won’t be a problem, as only one (unnamed) company has filed an application for testing self-propelled cars in California at the moment. However, it is expected that these rules will be fully implemented in the future. The company should also provide to their service free of charge — the Commission plans to develop rules of paid traffic, but it will happen only after approval of the first set of rules.

The cars participating in the pilot programs will not be able to pick up passengers and drop them off at airports, and the rider must be 18 years of age and older. Any company that wants to participate in the program must regularly report how many miles were on her car, how many trips made and how many people with disabilities were served. Finally, you will have to wait 90 days after filing to obtain permit for transportation of passengers.

Obviously, the safety of passengers is paramount. Self-driving taxis have to evolve in tandem with the regulatory authorities to avoid cases when the autopilot is out of control and kills his passenger. Maybe self-driving taxi will begin to travel around California this summer. An important step for Autonomous vehicles.