Bankruptcy of individuals will cost the banks to 15.5 billion rubles

Bankruptcy of individuals will cost the banks to 15.5 billion rubles


In such a sum estimated the total debt of potentially insolvent Russians

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The total amount of arrears of Russians who can legally declare themselves bankrupt, made up to the end of 2016 15.5 billion rubles, calculated for “News” at the National centre of bankruptcies (CS). This amount can be either completely written off or restructured, which entails losses for credit institutions. However, banks and experts believe that credit institutions and borrowers will benefit from the recognition of bad debtors insolvent.

Estimates of CS, the total debt falling under the law on bankruptcy of citizens to credit organizations amounted to 1 Dec of 15.46 billion. The organization found that the magnitude of bad debt of a potentially insolvent citizen is an average of 1.27 million. The total amount of the obligations of the Russians, each of which owed banks more than 3 million rubles, is more than half of the total amount of bad loans — 50,63%, or 6.99 billion.

Director CS Dmitry Tokarev believes that of all the received applications for bankruptcy of the insolvent will be able to declare themselves only 80%. However, while this figure is significantly lower. According to the Society for the promotion of financial recovery on December 1 last year, the number of applications filed by debtors exceeded 35 thousand Of them in relation to 21.3 thousand Russians were taken to court for bankruptcy, with the bankrupt only recognised about 1,5 thousand

To apply for bankruptcy can any borrower with the amount of debt over 500 thousand rubles.

— The decision to write off or raspisanii is made after consideration of the report the financial Manager. But usually it is detected only after six months after the procedures, — said Mr. Dmitry Tokarev.

The potential for growth in the number of satisfied statements exist. Now procedure there are two versions of events. The first debt restructuring in which, for example, increasing the loan term and reducing the amount of the payment to the borrower would make timely monthly payments. Second, the debt relief. This entails the sale of a debtor’s property with the participation of financial Manager.

According to Dmitry Tokarev, from bankruptcy citizens benefit virtually all participants in the process.

— The state is returned to the taxpayer, it starts to work again “vbeluyu”. For banks, this means that bad the delay is deducted, and this simplifies the lending procedure. For citizens there is the opportunity to start a new life, and often save the family, — says the head of CS.

Agree with him the representatives of the three largest banks, which are potentially the largest number of bankruptcies (Sberbank, VTB 24 and “Russian standard”).

According to the head of Department enforcement and bankruptcy Department on work with problem assets of Sberbank Evgeny Akimov, the Bank’s losses from defaulted loans are not directly linked to the institution of bankruptcy, and the ability of citizens to declare themselves insolvent did not affect the repayment of debt in absolute terms.

— For banks, the bankruptcy is just another tool of settlement of problematic debts. It is more effective from the point of view of rate of return, minimizing costs and possible cleanup of the balance of non-performing loans compared with other instruments, such as the Executive production. So we can talk about its positive influence on the performance of the Bank, — says Evgeny Akimov.

The real losses of the savings Bank he found it difficult to estimate, noting that the bankruptcy procedure is very long, and the institution itself has existed for a little less than a year. VTB24 said that “at present the Bank’s risks in this area are stable at a low level.”

In Bank “the Russian standard” to emphasize that the bankruptcy of the citizen is usually an extreme measure, which applies when there are debts to several credit institutions, and the total amount of debt is very high.

Proportion of potential bankruptcies in the credit portfolios of banks are insignificant. For example, the “Russian standard” reported that only 0.37% of the total number of Bank debtors declared bankruptcy.

From the data of the Central Bank, it follows that overall, the proportion of bad debts, which the Russians can declare themselves bankrupt is a mere 1.5% of the amount overdue up to 90 days and more debt. Traditionally it was the late “90+” is non refundable on December 1, this figure amounted to 1.014 trillion rubles.

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