Banks prepare for remote attraction of clients

Banks prepare for remote attraction of clients



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Next year the Russians will be no need to visit a Bank to become a customer. Credit institutions intend to implement the remote authentication of citizens through the portal of public services

The Central Bank, the Ministry of communications and the Federal financial monitoring service in 2017 plans to launch a project that could bring the online services of Russian banks to a new level. We are talking about the possibility of remotely become a customer of any Bank, once after identification in one credit institution. Banks will verify the identity of clients via the portal “public Services”. The main approaches to the implementation of this project representatives of the Central Bank and the Ministry of communications announced on the forum Finopolis 2016 in Kazan on Friday.

“We are starting a pilot project for remote authentication for the financial sector, not the simplified and full,” — said Deputy Minister of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Alexey Kozyrev. According to him, the Central element of the project will be a unified system of identification and authentication (ESIA) of the site “public Services”.

Instead of a passport

The mechanism provides for one-time visit to the Bank. “You can come to one Bank at either end of the country, confirm the account [on public Services], and then to move to Moscow and, if necessary, to remotely open a Bank account, or in the future to submit an application for credit” — explained the Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova.

According to officials, the system will work like this: after the first — head — identification by the customer’s Bank in his profile on “public Services” will have a corresponding mark. If necessary, becoming a client of another Bank, user can choose on his website for the desired service. Further, the Bank’s website will request permission to access the personal data of the user on the “public Services”, but receive them would be tantamount to visit the Bank with your passport. After that, the user will be available online loan services orgiazzi.

In a similar way today you can open an account for trading in securities in certain brokerage companies. The broker’s website also refers to “public Services” and the company with it identificeret client. According to the Vice-President of BKS Andrey Aletdinova, remote account opening became available in December 2015.

Not only accounts

Skorobogatova said that banks will begin testing the technology for the remote identification of a limited number of transactions — open accounts and conduct transfers. It is assumed, according to her that is installed and the limits on transfer amounts, but they are not defined. In the pilot project will involve a small number of banks they will choose Central Bank and the Ministry of communications.

In the future, the list of available services will be expanded, she says. For example, by obtaining loans. As said the first Deputy Chairman of the Pension Fund of Russia Lilia Siskin, for decision on issuance of credit, the Bank can request these from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR). In turn, the FIU will be able to provide access to information about the citizen, if he approves such a request through the portal “Goulag”.

According to the Ministry, last year was implemented a pilot project that enables Bank customers to confirm their income when receiving credit data from the FIU. Borrowers could make a request to the pension Fund through the “Geology”, and then send the documents to the Bank. Kozyrev said that the technology requests to the FIU for a wide range of users will be available in late November — early December this year. And the ability to remotely send documents to the Bank for a loan to complete the service.

The starting date of the project remote authentication of Bank customers has not been determined. “Technically everything is ready, but you need to make changes to the law on counteraction to legalization of income. We develop them now,” said Skorobogatova.

New competition

According to the chief technical architect at Alfa-Bank Maxim Azrilyan, identification through “public Services” will help banks to reduce the cost of customer acquisition. “In addition to the person it becomes easier to change the Bank, so banks will have to increase the service quality to retain their clients,” added the banker.

The press service of TCS Bank reported that the project is at the stage of discussion and to talk about the timing, the participants and the specific situation, it is too early. “While we fully support this initiative and believe that if implemented will make life easier for customers and will allow you to optimize the performance of players in the market,” the Bank said.

According to Aletdinova of the BCS, today through “online Services” brokerage account open for approximately 10-20% of new clients. He says that in the case of banks the situation will be radically different — fraction of clients will be much higher.

“We will connect to this mechanism, it will be the test to use. Let’s see how interesting it will be the customers, time will tell” — be careful in the estimates of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Tatsotsbank Rushan Sharafutdinov. He fears that the emergence of new technologies can lead to new types of fraud.

According to the Deputy Director of Rosfinmonitoring Paul Livadny, the risks that will arise during the use of this technology must take on the banks. “We can say that it would not have been identified by the client, traditionally or using different technologies, financial institutions continue to bear all of the risks work with clients who commit illegal financial transactions,” he warns.