Bannon obliged within a week to appear and testify at “Russian business»

Bannon obliged within a week to appear and testify at “Russian business»


Бэннона обязали в течение недели явиться для дачи показаний по «российскому делу»

Earlier, the former strategist for the White house ignored the summons of the select Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives

Former White house strategist Steve Bannon needs during the week to appear at hearings in the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives regarding Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016.

Bannon was supposed to testify in Committee on Tuesday, but did not appear at the hearing. ‘bannon can be charged with contempt of Congress if he ignores the summons of the Committee, but it is unclear whether the Committee intends to take any action against him.

During the first speech in Committee last month’bannon refused to answer many questions in connection with what some legislators believe that the White house has imposed on him the obligation to disclose information.

Leading Committee Democrat Adam Schiff said that, if’bannon will continue to refuse to appear at hearings and answer all the questions the Committee should begin the process of bringing him to justice for contempt of Congress to compel him to testify.

Despite the differences’bannon with the intelligence Committee, reported that he plans to cooperate with the ongoing spectaculorum Robert Mueller investigation of the Russian intervention in the elections and the question of possible obstruction of justice by President trump.